Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Avast, ye scurvy dogs!

Apparently it isn't enough that Somalia hasn't had a stable government since 1991 or that famine is recurrent there or that the infant mortality rate is over 11%. Now the Somalis also have to deal with maritime piracy. (BBC)

According to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), there have been between 15 and 22 incidents of piracy or attempted piracy off the Somali coast since March of this year, up from two the year before. At least one vessel carrying international aid, the MV Semlow, was captured by pirates in late June and may have been used in an attack on another vessel. The pirates don't use old fashioned and romantic conventions such as cutlasses and making people walk the plank; they favor speedboats and machine guns.

More information:
The Weekly Piracy Report.
CIA World Factbook entry for Somalia.


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