Saturday, November 26, 2005

Enhanced interrogation revealed

The CIA has ways of making you talk—dousing your naked body with cold water, covering your head with cellophane and mock drowning you (“water boarding”), even forcing you to listen to “Slim Shady”. It's called “enhanced interrogation”, and it was used to gather WMD evidence in the run-up to the Iraq war.
According to CIA sources, Ibn al Shaykh al Libbi, after two weeks of enhanced interrogation, made statements that were designed to tell the interrogators what they wanted to hear. Sources say Al Libbi had been subjected to each of the progressively harsher techniques in turn and finally broke after being water boarded and then left to stand naked in his cold cell overnight where he was doused with cold water at regular intervals.

His statements became part of the basis for the Bush administration claims that Iraq trained al Qaeda members to use biochemical weapons. Sources tell ABC that it was later established that al Libbi had no knowledge of such training or weapons and fabricated the statements because he was terrified of further harsh treatment.
Credit: Andrew Sullivan


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