Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Calcutta paper: U.S. plans to invade Iran.

Calcutta Telegraph columnist K.P. Nayar writes:
Top-ranking Americans have told equally top-ranking Indians in recent weeks that the US has plans to invade Iran before Bush’s term ends. In 2002, a year before the US invaded Iraq, high-ranking Americans had similarly shared their definitive vision of a post-Saddam Iraq, making it clear that they would change the regime in Baghdad. (Emphasis added.)
Nayar doesn't name his sources.

It wouldn't be especially worrying to find that the U.S. military had plans to invade Iran. Presumably it has plans for many contingencies, likely and unlikely. But if the U.S. diplomatic corps is putting allies on notice... that would mean the decision has been made, and war is all but inevitable.

Credit: Andrew Sullivan.


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