Thursday, September 29, 2005


Ceuta is a city of some 10 square miles on the Moroccan coast, near the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a fort city, a territory of Spain.

The city is surrounded by parallel 10-foot-high razor-wire fences with watch towers to keep out African refugees, but would-be immigrants still manage to sneak over the barrier. Usually, their hope is to reach the streets of Ceuta undetected and escape to Europe.

In the past few weeks, refugees have adopted a new strategy for crossing the barrier fence (CNN):
Two Africans died and 50 more were wounded early Thursday as they and hundreds of others scaled tall fences in a coordinated effort to enter the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on Morocco's northern coast, a senior Spanish official said. [...]

On two successive nights earlier this week, hundreds of Africans using makeshift ladders moved to scale en masse the fence in Melilla, with many getting through despite efforts by beefed-up Spanish security forces to repel them and leave them on Moroccan soil.


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